Give Everyone the Possibility to Read

At MOBiDYS, thanks to our patented technology, we adapt existing books to FROG books.
Whether it’s audiobooks, digital or paper, our books relieve the stress of reading and free the reader’s brain, so that their attention is focused on meaning rather than decoding.


At the crossroads of SpLD expertise, publishing professions and technological innovation, MOBiDYS uses these expertise to achieve its goal: Develop the availability of SpLD-accessible digital books, to make reading accessible to all.

We work with speech therapists and children with learning difficulties, to build, together with them, what they really need to progress.

Thanks to the power of digital technology, we produce interactive and customizable books that are cognitively enriched, using a multitude of reading aid tools. We thus allow each reader to have a flexible combination of reading tools precisely adapted to their needs.

Using artificial intelligence, we automate linguistic analysis to industrialize the manufacturing process.

Thanks to FROG books, children improve their reading and comprehension.

MOBiDYS’ social and solidarity commitment has been ESUS (entreprise d’utilité sociale et solidaire) accredited.

Tested and Approved by Middle Schools

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The Mobidys project was born of the collaboration of 3 professions:

  • Health, with Nathalie the Speech Therapist
  • Digital, with Marion the Project Leader
  • Publishing, with Jérôme the Freelancer

“I was tired of having to tinker with the right tools every time, which were only useful in session. How can I help my patients to read at home? The goal is to show them that it’s possible to even enjoy reading.”

Nathalie Chappey
Orthophoniste spécialiste TSL

“When Nathalie asked me to help her digitize a book, I couldn’t imagine the extent of the difficulties people with dyslexia have. I realized that was definitely something we could do to help with digital.”

Marion Berthaut
Project Leader

“The name is a nod to Moby Dick, because it’s a true standard of adventure literature for us. But as dyslexics often do, we have reversed the vowels i and y.”

Jérôme Terrien
Graphic Designer

They Trust Us

Publishers discovered MOBiDYS in 2016 when they heard about the FROG format for the first time.
Since then, many publishers have called on MOBiDYS for its expertise in cognitive accessibility.

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