Free your cognition

What is frog ?

FROG is SpLD-accessible versions of books. Discover this new format enriched with a complete toolkit of reading aids!

How ?

A FROG book incorporates reading facilitation tools customizable to individual needs. The different options keep the reader’s attention and make written content easier to understand.
Each book offers a complete set of reading aid tools (the ability to change font, syllable highlighting, audio support, definitions, and more).

By who for who ?

With linguistic researchers, design engineers, and AI, MOBiDYS created the digital format FROG, then tested it with young readers through non-profit organizations (APEDYS, APAJH44).

What they have to say…

“It’s especially focused on reducing reading errors and increasing reading speed.”

Marion P.
Speech Therapist in Pas de Calais

“My son, who has difficulty understanding a text, managed to summarize the story for me in detail. He was so proud of himself.”

Mme. G