The « FROG adapted textbook » project results from a growing need that SpLD pupils – and others – meet. It consists in giving them access to a digital version of their school textbooks so as to enable them to read and understand literary texts and other documents.

The FROG format was created and developed by MOBiDYS thanks to the support of Edu-Up (an Education Department program dedicated to the production of digital resources for school) and in collaboration with school publishers.

Students currently have access to DAISY textbooks: an audio version of books on SONDO which complements the paper version. Still, textbooks tend to develop into a digital form.

Therefore, we make sure to incorporate audios as well as the whole toolkit of the FROG format (syllabic coloring, text spacing, meaning units, font change, definitions, …) directly into the publisher’s digital textbook. Thus, any school who has subscribed to SONDO has access to the FROG version of its digital textbooks on each publisher’s reading platform.